There are a few ways to refer a student for GT evaluation and placement.  This can be done by completing this online referral form OR an in-person meeting with Mrs. Durtschi, the GT specialist.  A referral can be made by anyone who spends time with the student including, but not limited to: parent, administration, general classroom teacher, GT specialist, ELL specialist, specialty teachers, any interventionists that work at Rolling Hills, and/or an outside testing facility.

These referrals DO NOT guarantee that a student will be identified and/or placed in pull-out groups.  It is taken on a student-by-student basis.  A group of teachers will go over testing, data, and a body of evidence to determine identification.

In order to begin the referral process, please complete as MUCH information in this online form as possible.  It will go directly to Mrs. Durtschi, the GT specialist, which will begin the referral process.  This process will last six weeks before a final determination is made by a group of teachers and administration.  Then, a letter will be sent home and to the general classroom teacher informing them of the GT identification or non-identification.


Rolling Hills Elementary GT