Here at Rolling Hills, we provide different types of Gifted and Talented supports.  These supports are grouped by grade levels:  K-2 and 3-5.  Below,  is a brief explanation about these supports, what they look like, and what you can expect from the intervention.

K-2 Support:

  • Early Access Determination:  We can identify students at any grade level for GT. 
  • Resource Support for Teachers:  The GT Specialist will meet with (consultation) and give support, where possible, to teachers K-2.  Examples of this support might be: extensions for math, integrated project-based learning that can be completed at home, pulling resources for reading support of high-ability learners.

3-5 Support:


  • Co-Teaching, Push-In:  During reading, differentiation will happen during Universal Instruction through co-teaching with the GT specialist. 

  • Pull-Out:  During small group time, students will be pulled to work with the GT Specialist on extended reading materials that are integrated with topics of study from their classroom.  There are three foci for reading:

    • 1. Integrated Curriculum (Social Studies and Science content)

    • 2. Junior Great Books (Advanced Reading and Socratic Seminars). 

    • 3.  Literature Circle Books

    • These will be evident throughout the week in the pull-out program.


  •  Push-In:  The GT Specialist will push-in and co-teach with one teacher per grade level 3-5 for math  support.  Content, delivery, and assignments will be modified through co-planning to meet the needs of our advanced learners.

  •  Students will be given a pre-assessment at the beginning of every math unit. 

  •  Students will be clustered according to their individual needs. 

  •  This will be a fluid grouping, changing each unit. 

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