Exceptional excellence is our goal.  As Dr. Cobb, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, states, "As a district, we are committed to giving all teachers the tools they need to work effectively with every student so that each child can reach his/her potential."   At Rolling Hills, our goal is for our GT specialist to be in the classroom as much as possible.  We have extended the position from a .5 (half-time position) to a .8 (Monday-Thursday position).  This demonstrates our commitment to meeting the needs of GT students.  With this shift, we are focused on Reading and Mathematics this year. 

We want to provide challenging curriculum that will help our students reach the district mission, "To inspire every student to think, to learn, to achieve, to care."  In order to fulfill this mission, we will be focused on research-based strategies, training for our cluster-group teachers, and co-teaching.

See more at: http://www.cherrycreekschools.org/CurricDev/Pages/default.aspx#sthash.AIRi5DJB.dpuf


  • Junior Great Books

    • (co-taught with classroom teacher - focused intervention/differentiation)

  • William and Mary Curriculum

    • (provided by GT specialist, during pull-out)

  • Jacob's Ladder

    • (Extensions for classroom, will be paired with integration of science and social studies)

  • Literature Circles

    • Integrated book studies with science and/or social studies.


  • Push-In, co-teaching with general classroom teacher

    • co-planning, co-teaching with gen ed teacher

    • There will also small group within the classroom setting.  During regular reading group time, the GT specialist will pull a reading group to complete work with Junior Great Books, William and Mary, Literature Circles, and/or Jacob's Ladder.


  • Pre-Tests and Post-Tests

    • To determine needs for units

  • Bridges Math

    • Extensions will be co-taught with the classroom teacher and the GT specialist. 

    • The GT specialist will provide extended curriculum that enhances the Bridges curriculum.

    • Grouping will be provided during the regular class.  For example, when working on a Bridges activity called "Number Strings," the GT specialist will work with GT students on a more challenging starting point.


  • Push-In, Co-teaching with general classroom teacher

    • Co-planning, co-teaching with gen ed teacher

    • Differentiation provided through tier questioning, and grouping


Rolling Hills Elementary GT